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Trainers: Team Members
Jenifer Watters

Specialty: Scent Work / Nosework

Jenifer Watters

Jenifer has been training and competing in Nosework since 2014, and she is working toward instructor certification with NACSW (National Association of Canine Scent Work). Her passion for Nosework comes from the increase in confidence she has seen as dogs play the game and achieve success, and that Nosework is something almost every human and dog can do together. She and her dog Trigger compete in NACSW at the Elite level, and AKC Scentwork at the Masters level, and participate in ABC Games as frequently as possible. Trigger has also competed in AKC agility at the Masters level, and dabbled in Tricks, Dock Diving and Barn Hunt.


All About Our Training

A click, a treat, and some love!

We truly believe that dog training should be fun for both the human and the dog.  That's why we don't allow any training methods or equipment that are designed to deliberately hurt or scare your dog.  All you need whether you want a well behaved pet or a champion level competitor is a leash, a collar, and lots of treats, toys, and fun!

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