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Whether you want to compete or simply enjoy the sport, we have the classes for you!

Image by Angel Luciano

The Agility Foundations Series will introduce you and your dog to the sport of Agility!  These three 8-week classes will prepare you to participate in a Novice Agility level class.  Session 1 introduces your dog to foundation skills.  Session 2 will continue by introducing crosses, sends, contacts, and short sequencing. Session 3 continues to build on the skills you are learning while starting sequencing handling.  For their health and safety, dogs must be over 9 months old and will not be allowed to jump until they are 14 months old. Prerequisite: Middle School or Beginner Obedience.

Image by Murilo Viviani

Develop your Agility Skills!  Whether you want to work on a specific skill or try some new handling techniques, each week will challenge you to improve.  Both single level and multi-level classes are available.  Foundations 3 or equivalent required.  Pre-Registration is required so we can prepare for you.  A multi-class discount package is also available!

Agility: Classes
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