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Puppy Kindergarten through High School

Everything you need to have a great companion!


Puppy Kindergarten is for very young puppies.  This 6 week class focuses on human and dog socialization, relationship building, bite inhibition, foundation skills and lots of fun tricks!

Puppy K-12: Classes

The Basics - Elementary + Middle School

Our Companion Program consists of two classes.  Elementary School starts you on the road to training and Middle School builds on those foundations skills to help your dog flourish as a great companion.

STAR Puppy

Puppy Elementary is designed for slightly older puppies.  This 6 week class starts both you and your puppy on the road to great communication.  This class includes play time as well as learning basic commands.  PLUS - You have the opportunity to earn the AKC STAR Puppy certificate!


Get your older puppy or dog started on the right paw!  This class introduces you to the training process and starts basic skills.  For fun, we add in a few tricks! For puppies and dogs over 6 months. Limit 6 dogs per class.


Middle School builds your training foundation to further improve your dog's household manners and obedience skills. Elementary School or equivalent is required prior to taking this class.  Limit 8 dogs per class.

Puppy K-12: Classes

High School

Finish your training off with a class that will polish and cement your dog's good behavior.

Dog Obedience Class

This 6 week class builds on the skills we learned in Middle School to cement those behaviors in distracting environments.  It's great for those who bring their dogs out in public or to dog parks.  Dogs will also have the opportunity to earn their Canine Good Citizen Certificate!  Occasionally, we have openings for CGC evaluation.  You can check for upcoming GCG Evaluations here.

Puppy K-12: Classes
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