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Specialty Behavior

Have a dog that believes the best defense is a good offense?  One that has a hard time going on walks without barking or lunging at other people or dogs?  Our Specialty Behavior Classes will help you and your dog learn how to behave and manage their emotions.

Note: Our Reactive Rover instructor is on leave until Spring 2023.  We recommend contacting Pawsabilities: or Upward Hound: for assistance with your reactive dog.

Taking the dog for a walk

Reactive Rover Level 1

This class focuses on teaching your dog how to break focus on the trigger (dog or person) and move away from it. Our goal is to change the dog's response from one of high arousal to calm and relaxed in the presence of the trigger. We will be using high value food rewards to build a positive association with the trigger. This changes the way the dog views other dogs to a more positive, calmer response.   Class size limited to 3.

Specialty Behavior: Classes
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